Who we are

 The never-ending search for enlightenment

Five Ancestors Fist is an ancient style of Shaolin Kung Fu from the Qing dynasty. It was originally developed by secret underground societies to resist the Qing and restore the Ming dynasty. Five Ancestors Fist (Goh Cho Kun) derives from the following styles:

  • Tai Cho Fist – for explosive technique and power
  • Fujian White Crane Fist – for intricate precise technique
  • Lo Han – for flexibility and speed
  • Da Mo – for internal breathing exercise enhancing internal technqiue
  • Monkey Fist – for agility, mobility and dexterity

The Five Ancestors Fist system aims to enhance the development of students in every aspect of their training. It is important to preserve the history of our fighting system with the practice of empty hand forms, weapon training, and self-defence tactics. As students of Goh Cho Kun, we understand the history of the weapons and what they represent. We also practice the balance of physical, mental and spiritual health and well-being as well as the promotion of good sportsmanship and discipline.